About PartiCipate

At PartiCipate, we want to enable digital citizen participation. Here is how!

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Our Vision

Our vision is to enhance democracy through participation. Public participation increases transparency, accountability and trust.
We believe that participation should be accessible and free of cost for every citizen!

How this website works

How this website works: You are a public institution (e.g. a local government) or you are a civil society organization and you want to enable citizens to participation in a decision-making process. One example? You want to collect citizens’ opinion on eco-friendly measures in your city or you want citizens to vote on a land-use plan, but you don’t know what participation tool to use. You don’t have a budget to develop participation tools, you don’t know where to find existing participation tools and you don’t know how to use them for your purpose.
Then this website can help you.

What you get

This website offers you a completely cost-free digital advisory service and helps you find out which participation tool is best for your purpose. By going through a step-by-step advisory guide, the website will analyze your needs and analyze which participation tools are best for your purpose - considering the target groups you are aiming at, their access to digital medium, etc. We will then provide you an overview of participation tools that you can use, it explains you the methods how to use these tools and it offers you a selection of providers of digital participation formats that best fit to your purpose.