A wide range of different platforms and services supports institutions and organisations for their
digital participation projects.
But how can you find the right one for you?
What functionalities are offered and how can you ensure reliability and security?
Based on a broad market research, we analysed and compared the most relevant platforms. These are our favourites!


What is important?

Have you ever thought about digital approaches to promote democracy?

Open Source Software has great power of bringing democracy to people – especially to those who are usually left behind and excluded from traditional modes of public communication and participation.

Other relevant criteria for a compelling digital platform are a variety of different use cases, state of the art technology, ease of use, multi-language support and a vibrant ecosystem of users and supporters.

Last but not least, public platforms should have a particular focus on data security and on data protection - ensuring that the data and all users are safe and protected from interference.



Adhocracy is a digital participation solution designed and maintained by the German non-profit Liquid Democracy.
It offers a wide range of participation modules, including brainstorming, idea challenges, text reviews, polls, debates, participatory budgeting etc.

Special attention is paid to data protection (GDPR).

Especially interesting for starters in digital democracy is the platform adhocracy+, run by the same organisation. It offers a free but fully equipped platform for an organisation's first steps on their participation journey, without any programming knowledge, installation or updates.
Just register and start your participation projects right away.


Citizens OS

Citizens OS is a free and open source platform from Estonia, developed and operated by a non-profit organisation.

Its feature set includes voting, public and private discussions and brainstorming of ideas.

And it comes with a ready-made platform – just log in and get started.



Consul is a very comprehensive digital tool for citizen participation, enabling an open, transparent and democratic government.
Over 50 institutions around the world jointly developed the platform. They share and exchange experiences, best practices and knowledge. With their input, Consul is constantly expanding and improving.



Decidim is a Free Open-Source participatory democracy platform.
Institutions and organizations around the world use Decidim to easily articulate participatory processes: citizen initiatives, participatory budgets or collaborative legislation in a safe, open and democratic way.